Blue Ferret Content Consulting


What does a resource like me provide? Choose any of these services to strengthen your business' content position:



Without management, content gets stale over time. It loses its power to bring in leads.

Keep your content strong by integrating my content management service.

  1. Monthly management for your online presence and digital campaigns.
  2. Covers all content within your organization, not just for your website (but that's the most important part!)
  3. Also covers social media accounts, email campaigns, automated workflows, sales funnels, and microcopy

I work with your existing creative/marketing team on editorial calendars, content strategy, audience targeting, and tracking results.

If we need more content, I provide it. Part of the service.


Got the writers, but you need the strategy to guide them? Have me step in and provide the content strategy.

  1. Build an Easy-to-Follow Content Strategy
  2. Identify the True Audience - Who's REALLY making those buying decisions? How do you reach them ahead of your competitors?
  3. Set Goals for Your Content (Company-Wide)
  4. Monitoring - Website, Campaigns, SEO
  5. Reporting on Campaign Results, Content Activity, and Customer Success Over Time


Keep Your Website Up-to-Date and Your Customers Happy Year-Round

If you could hand off management of your website to an expert...wouldn't you do it?

No more struggling for content ideas, no worrying over someone hacking the site. I make the updates and those worries go away.

It's never easy keeping up with business tasks. You've got product to make, events to schedule, maybe a day job...

Before you know it you're getting emails about the website. Which you haven't updated in months.

"I looked for (X) on your website but it's not there." "Your website hasn't been updated in a while. Are you still in business?" "Did you know your website is broken?"

These signify more than just customer frustration - they signal loss of trust. Without trust in your business, people will go elsewhere. Can you afford that?

How I Take Care of Managing Your Website

Here's how it works. You contract me to manage your website monthly. Our contract reserves a segment of time for me conduct maintenance & make updates. Think tasks like these:

Monthly contracts use a flat fee every month, unique to each customer.

Let's work together to keep your customers trusting and happy. Just click the button to start up your monthly management.


Need a content marketer with the chops to convert your audience? Give me a shout.

With this service, I lead the creation & deployment of marketing content for your company. I can act as 'lone writer' or work with your team.

Either way, you gain an expert writer with more than 15 years creating content for a multitude of audiences.

My expertise translates to:


Time to document the platform's new features? Is your tech writer buried under the current doc schedule?

Let me help!

I've documented everything from SaaS platforms to robotics. Medical technology to support procedures. My docs have spurred software adoptions, prepped thousands of new users, and cut support ticket volumes in half.

Where does your content need strengthening the most? Contact me and let's start in on it.